Alexa 350
Loyal audience, 60% bookmarks. Clean site.
6.3 million GA visits/day.
5.6 million GA uniques/day.
40 million GA pageviews/day.


2 next-to-video, 2 in-video, 1 mobile. Sample
All zones 300x250px.
All zones are entirely visible without the need to scroll.
We charge additional 50% for short 7-14 days tests.


No fake buttons without text on it (Play, More, Next, Fake players, etc...), must have text on it.
No rape, drugs, bestiality, scat, child porn, violence, abuse, incest, etc...
No scripts to effect other windows.
No scripts to prevent the surfer from closing the window.
No back-button tricks.
Links must be opened in a new window.
Limit animation, blinks frequency.
Limit extreme contrast/saturation of your ads.
Flash and iFrame - ok with super trusted buyers.


Exoclick, MediaReps, AdBucks, Reporo, Adxpansion, JuicyAds, Saboom, GSM, etc...


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